• Developed distribution network strategy, for the aftermarket parts distribution division of a global engine manufacturer. Project delivered five year discounted cash flow of $80 million.
  • Created customer segmentation profile for a national credit card issuer and then used that profile to design co-branded credit card concepts. Negotiated co-branding alliances with a major telephone company, cable company and oil company.
  • Generated a 300% increase in Ameritech New Ventures revenue from $11 million to over $90 million in 2 years through launch of three new products and full roll out of existing products.


Large Companies

  • Regional Bell Operating Company
  • National Long Distance Provider
  • National Cellular Provider
  • Top 10 Financial Services Provider
  • Major Regional Bank
  • Credit Card Provider
  • Global Charge card Provider
  • National Retailer
  • Global Engine Manufacturer

Middle Market/Small Business

  • Office Furniture Manufacturer
  • Audio-Conferencing Services Provider
  • Competitive Local Exchange Provider
  • McDonald's Franchisee


  • Insurance Startup
  • Telecom Services Startup
  • Procurement Startup