• Led a Service Member Civil Relief Act Audit on mortgage servicer as part of the servicer’s consent order with the Department of Justice.
  • Designed approach and led implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley internal control requirements for American Express. Worked with teams around company to identify and resolve numerous deficiencies prior to initial certification. Implementation recognized as best-in-class by external auditor.
  • Created and sold plan to double the size of the Corporate Audit department from 90 to 180 persons to enhance internal audit coverage of technology and finance functions. Subsequently directed multiple financial audits focused on financial close, legal entity and other financial processes that led to identification of over $100 million in reporting errors.
  • Led initiative to create a company-wide operational loss collection program/system including design of a new operational risk classification scheme. Convinced disparate company groups (i.e. Technology, Legal, Controllership, Security) to adopt new schema with eventual goal of migration onto an integrated platform
  • Migrated American Express to Basel II Advanced measurement approach for calculating Operational Risk Capital and re-energized ORMC to become a pro-active force for managing company’s operational risk from initial role as an information-sharing source.


Large Companies

  • Regional Bell Operating Company
  • National Long Distance Provider
  • National Cellular Provider
  • Top 10 Financial Services Provider
  • Major Regional Bank
  • Credit Card Provider
  • Global Charge card Provider
  • National Retailer
  • Global Engine Manufacturer

Middle Market/Small Business

  • Office Furniture Manufacturer
  • Audio-Conferencing Services Provider
  • Competitive Local Exchange Provider
  • McDonald's Franchisee


  • Insurance Startup
  • Telecom Services Startup
  • Procurement Startup